Field Services



Valsource provides 24/7 comprehensive field services for all control valves, pipeline valves, safety relief valves and electric actuation. All of our technicians are NCCER trained and certified with up-to-date plant specific credentials. Our on-site field services include:

  • In-line Inspection & Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Field Machining
  • Modification
  • Control Valve Diagnostics
  • MOV Repair / Diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Commissioning

We offer rapid response times for preventative maintenance, emergency call-out or scheduled outage requirements. Our technicians have service trucks equipped with the tools and equipment necessary for nearly any on-site need. Valsource can also provide on-site services with our 53’ Field Machining Trailer and Mobile Safety Relief Valve Test Stand.

Safety Relief Valves

Section I and Section VIII

Valsource provides 24/7 repair and testing services in our shop or in the field. Our valve program allows our technicians to repair, remove, install and test your pressure relief and safety relief valves on-site. Using our AVK Electronic Test Vessel Package, our technicians are able to accurately test safety relief valves on-site without removing them from line. The primary function is to verify the set pressure in-line without having to shut down a system or unit. This service is a sure way to guarantee minimal downtime and peak valve performance. If you are preparing to service your boiler, Valsource technicians will come to your site and test each main steam safety valve to determine which valves require service. We will perform the repairs in-house or on-site using our 53’ field machining trailer, install and re-test back to calibrated set points.