Types of Valves Used for Houston Industrial Applications

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Valsource International FacilityUnderstanding the different types of valves used in industrial applications can help you to maintain these key components more effectively. Companies that offer professional oil and gas valve repair services can often provide you with in-depth information about the right valve solutions for your needs. Here is a brief overview of the types of valves and their applications in the modern industrial environment. 

The Various Types of Valves 

Industrial valves are available in a wide range of configurations. Most valves, however, can be classified according to the way in which they control the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe.

  • Globe valves are one of the most versatile types of valve configurations and work by lifting a valve plug up or down to allow or stop the flow of gases and liquids. These valves can be designed to allow greater control over the flow rate of these materials as well as to open or close completely. 
  • Ball valves are generally available in reduced-bore and full-bore configurations. These valves are usually designed to allow full flow or no flow at all and are not suitable for regulating the flow of gas or liquid through pipes. Ball valves are one of the most affordable types of valves in the industrial environment. 
  • Gate and plug valves generally use a rotating handle to move the valve body up or down to allow or to block the flow of materials through pipes. These valves are designed to be used only to stop flow or to allow full flow. They are not usually suitable for regulating the rate of gas or liquid flow through your pipes. 
  • Diaphragm valves are best suited for use in pipes that carry liquid rather than gaseous materials. By changing the shape of the flexible material of the diaphragm, it is possible to shut off the flow of liquid quickly and without allowing leaks or exposure of other parts of the valve.

These valves can be used for a range of purposes, including controlling the direction of flow, stopping and starting flow, regulating pressure inside pipes and serving as a release point for built-up pressure. Regular maintenance from a qualified industrial valve repair company can be a good way to ensure the proper function of these valves within your facility. 

The experts at Valsource can provide you with oil and gas valve repair field services and in-house remanufacturing to the highest standards of precision. Our industrial valve repair technicians are NCCER-certified, which ensures that they can deliver the most practical valve repair and replacement services for your company. Call Valsource today at 281-474-1163 to place a service request or to schedule a consultation with our technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.