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Fast and reliable delivery times to meet your needs. Completely assembled and tested valves by experienced technicians. Customers have immediate access to high-quality LVS Sup-R-Seal ES Gate Valves with fast delivery.

LVS Sup-R-Seal Expanding Gate Valve

The LVS Sup-R-Seal expanding gate valve is manufactured in accordance with API-6D and is suitable for pipeline systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. Our expanding gate valve has a through-conduit design with multiple custom packing set arrangements to reduce long-term maintenance costs. We maintain a quality management system with ISO 9001 and API Q1 certifications.

Double Block and Bleed Capability

Protected Seat Sealing Surface

LVS Sup-R-Seal ES Gate Valve

The LVS Sup-R-Seal expanding gate valves are designed to meet the requirements of API 6D for applications
in the petroleum and natural gas industries along with a Quality program (API Q1). 

Fast Delivery

LVS Sup-R-Seal valves are ready to go! Custom builds are also available in as little as three weeks.

Double Block and Bleed Capability

The SRS valve’s parallel gate assembly sealing surfaces are designed to provide a bubble tight, mechanically assisted seal for both upstream and down steam in tandem with each other.

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Need piping systems for liquids and slurry? Transporting crude oil, natural gas, or refined products? Storage tanks? We’ve got you covered.

We will get your project online in a timely manner.

The LVS Sup-R-Seal ES Gate Valve is the solution to all of your liquid and slurry piping system needs. Our products are designed to meet customer needs by providing reliable sealing solutions, even in harsh environments.

Applications for the LVS Sup-R-Seal Include:

  • Liquid and Slurry Piping Systems
  • Crude Oil Transportation
  • Natural Gas Liquids Transport
  • Refined Products
  • Storage Tanks
  • Underground Storage

Get superior sealing with the LVS Sup-R-Seal ES gate valve. Customized internal trim & seals for varied service needs.

Key Features:

  • Standard nickel-plated gate and segment
  • Stems are 17-4 stainless steel
  • All Sup-R-Seals are certified to API-6D standards (monogrammed)
  • Allows for pigging and multi-media scrapers
  • Lever arms hold gate and segment assembly in a neutral position during operation
  • Finished in enamel gray (variety of finishes available)
  • Standard temperature range -20° F to 250° F
  • Operator extensions are available for above or below-grade applications