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The Sup-R-Seal Model ES is an API-6D certified, through-conduit expanding gate valve designed for liquid or gas pipeline usage.

Key Advantages

  • Custom Packing Set Design

  • Dual Sealing Replaceable Seats

  • Double Block & Bleed Capability

  • Manageable Factory & Stock Deliveries

  • Varied Operator Options


  • Liquid and Slurry Piping Systems

  • Crude Oil

  • Natural Gas Liquids Transport

  • Refined Products

  • Storage Tanks

    The Sup-R-Seal gate valve and its parts are entirely designed and manufactured in the United States. The valves are completely assembled and tested at our facility by skilled technicians. We can provide them as manually operated, bare stem, or with any specific type of actuation.

    Customizations Options

    Features include; in-line repair, gate centralizer, through-conduit design, customized operating, internal valve trim.

    The valves can be furnished with different types of internal trim and seals to accommodate varied service media, temperatures, or particular customer requirements.


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