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Servicing Maintenance, Emergency and Scheduled Outage Requirements

Remanufactured and Guaranteed valves, better known as R&G valves, are typically a much better value for your company than ordering new valves. At Valsource International LLC, we provide Remanufactured & Guaranteed valves, actuators and instrumentation built to OEM standards and specifications. We maintain an extensive inventory of used valves that can be remanufactured to suit your needs (call for availability). Our technicians are NCCER-certified and undergo the latest training to ensure that your valves meet your specifications and your needs perfectly. Our remanufactured units serve as a means to minimize downtime and guarantee compliance for standard, obsolete or non-stock products. If you need R&G valves or expert valve repair services for your own equipment, we can provide the right options for your company.

Need it now?

When you really need it, a replacement can’t arrive fast enough. Valsource is equipped and ready to provide you with a Remanufactured unit from our extensive in-house inventory. Just tell us what you need and we’ll send you a quotation with specification sheet detailing the equipment specs and ship you a remanufactured unit specific for your application. Our R&G valves are a fast replacement solution for disabled equipment as well as Warehouse Spare options to minimize downtime in emergency situations. We provide 24/7 support with same day shipment options available. You will rest assured knowing the cost ahead of time while upholding your schedule and budget. Once you receive your remanufactured unit, pull and send us your existing valve for repairs. By maintaining an inventory your process time is reduced to a bare minimum and you will skip the headache of future plant downtime due to unavailable and disabled equipment. Contact us today to ask about our unparalleled breadth of valves available.

Guaranteed Quality

When you need a remanufactured valve, only Valsource International encompasses the expertise necessary to guarantee your equipment will operate with like-new performance. All valves are disassembled, blasted to bare metal with PMI testing performed on all wetted parts. All materials and tolerances are checked to confirm they are compliant with the original design to meet ASME B16.34, API-598, API-623 or API-6D standards. Every step of the remanufacturing process – from machining to welding, assembly and testing – our quality control personnel regulates and ensures the process has been completed according to industry regulations and according to your order specifications. Upon completion, every valve is serialized with records stored in our live online database making future orders a breeze. All of our remanufactured units are backed with a one-year warranty. In short, we are qualified, trained and equipped to provide the quality equipment and services you need.

Our R&G Inventory Options

Control Valves
Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Vee-Ball, Angle, Three-Way, Plug, etc.

Fisher, Valtek, Masoneilan, Vanessa, Velan, Dezurik, Adams, Baumann, Xomox, etc.

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Spring & Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion, Pneumatic Scotch Yoke, Piston, Linear, Rotary, Electro-Hydraulic, etc.

Fisher Valtek, Masoneilan, Bettis, Automax, EL-O-Matic, FieldQ, Limitorque, Rexa, Rotork, etc.

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Gear Operators
All makes and manufacturers

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Pipeline Valves
Wedge Gate, Slab Gate, Expanding Gate, Check, Ball, Plug, etc.

WKM, General Twin Seal, M&J, Crane, DSI, Orbit, Poyam, Xanik, Edwards, Daniel, etc.

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Digital, Analog, Pneumatic.

Positioners, Controllers, Transducers, Switches, Solenoids, Transmitters, Sight Glasses, Levels, and more

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Engineered Products
Valve Sizing & Selection
Corrosion & Erosion Solutions
Anti-Cavitation Trim
Dirty Service Trim
Operation Support

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