Preventive and Predictive Control Valve Maintenance

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Valcsource Instrument ShopDeciding between a preventive or a predictive approach to control valve maintenance can help your company reduce downtime and increase productivity. Your industrial valve repair company is a good resource for benefits and drawbacks of different maintenance plans.

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is based on time intervals or event-based scheduling.

  • If a time-based approach is chosen, control valves must be inspected and maintained at least once per year. Some control valves may require more frequent inspections and maintenance services to perform at peak efficiency.
  • Event-based preventive maintenance approaches are usually based on the number of hours of operation completed. In some cases, event-based schedules may require pressure relief valve replacement due to routine triggering.

The processes used for preventive maintenance typically require that machinery be shut down for a brief amount of time. Because this maintenance is preventive in nature, the adjustments and replacements are performed based on the condition of the valve.

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance uses performance data and testing to determine the right time to conduct control valve repair or replacement. This approach requires advanced diagnostic and monitoring tools to achieve the highest degree of success. Working with a company that uses advanced diagnostic tools addresses predictive maintenance requirements in a cost-effective and proactive way. This approach avoids the expense of investing in quality monitoring equipment while still identifying the need for industrial valve repair or maintenance.

The Best of Both Worlds

For most companies, combining elements of preventive and predictive maintenance will produce the most practical protection for control valve. By tracking the performance of your valves and performing preventive maintenance, this ensures productivity and safe working conditions.

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