New, Surplus, Repaired and Remanufactured Industrial Valves

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Valsource International Facility

Deciding from among new, surplus, remanufactured or repaired valves for your industrial operations can be confusing. Working with a company that specializes in Pasadena industrial valve repair can provide you with some of the answers you require when making a selection among these choices. The basics on the differences between new, remanufactured, repaired or surplus valves in the industrial marketplace will help make the selection process easier.

New Valves

New valves typically are manufactured to the same standards required of original equipment. These valves are usually only available from authorized distributors and come with documentation of their origin and their specifications. This ensures that you receive precisely what you pay for when selecting these valves for your industrial operations.

Surplus Valves

Surplus and new surplus valves are typically leftover materials from projects that have been completed or from contractors who bought more valves than required for their projects. Depending on the source of these valves, they may come with accompanying documentation or may have been tested for performance in the field or in factory conditions. Surplus valves may be less expensive than comparable new valves, especially if they lack original equipment manufacturer (OEM) documentation and evidence of their point of origin.

Repaired Valves

Companies that offer Pasadena oil and gas valve repair services may maintain an inventory of repaired valves for their customers. After a Pasadena industrial value repair, these valves may have been tested for functionality before sale. Making sure that repaired valves meet the specifications of your business can ensure the best performance for these valve replacements in the field. Obtaining repaired valves only from a trusted source can ensure that these items perform to your expectations in use in your facilities and factories.

Remanufactured Valves

Remanufactured valves have been completely dismantled and restored to as close to their original condition as possible by a qualified machine shop or repair facility. This can provide an affordable alternative to new OEM valves for many companies in the Pasadena area. Working with an established and trusted Pasadena industrial valve repair company can help you make sure that your remanufactured valves can perform as expected in regular operating conditions. This can reduce unplanned downtime to ensure the highest degree of productivity in your working environment.

At Valsource, we offer a wide range of Pasadena valve modification, remanufactured valves and repair services that can help your company manage maintenance for your industrial facilities. Our team of expert technicians can provide the most accurate repair and replacement options for your factories, chemical processing plants and manufacturing operations. Call us today at 281-474-1163 to request emergency repair services or to set up regular maintenance with our technicians. We look forward to the chance to work with you.