Magnetic Particle Testing for Industrial Valve Repair

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Industrial Valve RepairMagnetic particle testing is a proven method for finding flaws and cracks in ferromagnetic metals. This can help determine the right techniques for industrial valve repair and identifying defects before they escalate into more serious issues. Mag particle testing is an essential tool for managing valve repair requirements and ensuring minimal downtime of your operations.

What Is Magnetic Particle Testing?

Ferromagnetic metals include iron, steel, cobalt and nickel. These substances are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and can be magnetized very easily. Magnetic particle testing uses this fact to allow for non-destructive testing of components in a wide range of industries. Aerospace enterprises, steel manufacturers, automotive companies and petrochemical plants can all use mag particle testing. Using this testing determines whether serious flaws exist inside components that cannot be seen through a surface inspection.

How Mag Particle Testing Works

This testing method typically includes three basic steps:

  • First, the component to be tested must be magnetized. This is usually accomplished using electronic equipment or a hand-held magnet with sufficient power to magnetize the entire component.
  • Small particles of iron are then applied to the component evenly. These particles may be colored or coated with a fluorescent solution to ensure visibility. In some cases, these particles may be suspended in a solution, so they spread evenly over the entire surface.
  • A visual inspection is then performed to determine where uneven patches of particles exist. Clusters of iron particles typically indicate an area where a defect may be present. This can allow you to determine where problems may occur and can provide you with information on the quality of your valves and other components.

Because mag particle testing is accurate and non-destructive, it can be used in a wide range of industrial valve repair and testing environments. These testing methods are ideal for use in facilities that cannot afford long downtimes and to ensure high quality components for production.

At Valsource, we specialize in the Houston control valve repair and industrial valve repair solutions your business needs to achieve high productivity and profitability. Incorporating mag particle testing into your regular inspection routine will help your company save time and effort when evaluating equipment conditions. Call our team today at 281-474-1163 to request emergency repairs or to schedule regular maintenance for your valves. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.