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The LV690 utilizes a heavy duty construction which is suitable for both modulating service and on-off applications.

THD and 2R Actuation

The TRIAC® Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Actuator
product line offers a broad range of torques to 1,600,000 in-lbs. The THD series is designed to operate ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers or any device that requires a quarterturn movement for on-off or throttling service. Our standard offering is the symmetrical design yoke that delivers maximum torque at both ends of the 90o cycle. The square slide bearing with guide bar provides high cycle life and smooth stroke while minimizing wear points. Also available is a canted yoke design, which is ideal for butterfly valves in sizes C11 and larger.

Timely Delivery

The LV690 is available with either a single or dual ball seal.

The flangeless valve body is typically installed in gas transmission or liquid pipelines and is designed to be used with ANSI CL600 or CL900 connections. The  control valve is available with either a single or dual ball seal. The single seal offering provides tight shutoff in the forward flow direction while the dual seal combines tight shutoff with bidirectional flow capability. We can provide you with actuation and instrumentation to accommodate any specific customer specification.