Valve Repair

Servicing Maintenance, Emergency and Scheduled Outage Requirements

The right valve repair and remanufacturing services can make a big difference to your company’s ongoing operations and your long-term profitability. At Valsource, we specialize in providing you with the most time-effective valve repair options in the industry.

Our Repair Facilities

Our valve repair and remanufacturing facilities includes separate areas for receiving and disassembly. We maintain specialized control and pipeline quality control areas as well as a CNC machining center, a general machine shop, welding shop and cleaning room. Once your valves have been processed through our system, our team of certified technicians will perform extensive testing to ensure that your valve is remanufactured or repaired to the precise specifications needed.

The Repair Process

To begin the repair process, contact our sales team by phone or send an inquiry to to receive a quotation to repair your equipment. Our sales team will assist you with any questions and plan for the arrival and execution of the repair process.

Our NCCER-certified technicians have undergone extensive training in order to provide the fastest and most reliable solutions to maximize your equipment’s lifecycle and performance. We service all types of industrial valves, including Control valves, API & ANSI pipeline valves, Pressure & Safety relief valves, and instrumentation. We also repair valve actuation, valve gear operators and electric-hydraulic actuators in our 35,000-square-foot facility.

At Valsource, our repair process consists of five essential steps:

Pre-Test and Disassembly
During the pre-test and disassembly phase, we will take photos of the valve’s current condition and then subject it to an array of tests to determine function. We then disassemble the valve down to its basic components and remove all corrosion, rust and debris found in any part of the valve.
Quality Control Inspection and Machining
Our quality control inspection process begins with photographs and professional guidance from our QC inspector to ensure the right solution for your valve remanufacturing project. Machining and weld repairs may also take place during this phase.
Assembly, Testing, Diagnostics
The technicians at Valsource will remanufacture, assemble and calibrate your valve to precise OEM specifications. Shell and seat leak tests will be performed to ensure that your remanufactured valve complies with all relevant ANSI, API-6D and FCI-70-2-2013 requirements. Valvelink or Benchmark diagnostics, if applicable.
Final Check and Photography
We photograph your completed valve to provide you with a visual record of the work we did on your behalf.
Electronic Documentation
Finally, we provide you with electronic documentation for your company records.

Repair for All Types of Valves

Control Valves

Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Vee-Ball, Angle, Three-Way, Plug, etc.Fisher, Valtek, Masoneilan, Vanessa, Velan, Dezurik, Adams, Baumann, Xomox, etc.

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Spring & Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion, Pneumatic Scotch Yoke, Piston, Linear, Rotary, Electro-Hydraulic, etc.Fisher Valtek, Masoneilan, Bettis, Automax, EL-O-Matic, FieldQ, Limitorque, Rexa, Rotork, etc.

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Gear Operators

All makes and manufacturersRequest a Quote

Pipeline Valves

Wedge Gate, Slab Gate, Expanding Gate, Check, Ball, Plug, etc.WKM, General Twin Seal, M&J, Crane, DSI, Orbit, Poyam, Xanik, Edwards, Daniel, etc.

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Digital, Analog, Pneumatic.Positioners, Controllers, Transducers, Switches, Solenoids, Transmitters, Sight Glasses, Levels, and more

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Comprehensive Valve Testing Services

The right valve testing and inspection services can streamline your company’s compliance process and can ensure the best possible performance from your industrial equipment. At Valsource, we offer a wide range of testing both in-house and from our trusted partners to ensure that your industrial valve repair and inspection processes go smoothly and according to plan.

As part of our valve repair process, we perform comprehensive testing to ensure that your components work as intended when they are installed at your facility. We perform shell leakage and seat leakage tests that meet ANSI, API-6D and FCI-2-2013 industry standards and requirements. We also can provide a range of additional testing options, including the following:

  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Backseat tests
  • Closure tests
  • Stress analysis
  • Hardness testing
  • X-ray inspections
  • Mag particle testing

All our valve testing services are designed to provide the most accurate information for your company and to ensure that your valves are ready to perform as needed in your facilities.