The Importance of Gaskets in the Valve Modification World  

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Main Valve ShopThough the role they play is often overlooked, gaskets are essential elements of your industrial valves. These components serve as the seals between the components of your valve and prevent leaks from interfering with your regular workflows and processes. Valve modification companies can help with choosing the right gasket replacements for your valves and equipment.

Not All Gaskets Are the Same

Gaskets for valve repair come in three basic configurations:

  • Crush gaskets are the most commonly used form of gasket. These simple gasket installations are designed to flatten out and fill cracks when pressure is applied. This creates a seal that prevents the escape of gases and liquids through the sides of the valve.
  • Controlled-crush gaskets work in much the same way as basic crush gaskets. These components are designed to prevent the use of too much torque on the valve. These gaskets are available in a number of styles, including ring-type joints, Kammprofile-type gaskets and spiral-wound gaskets.
  • Pressure-assisted gaskets are also referred to as pressure seals and were originally manufactured using soft steel and silver coatings. Today, these gaskets are composed of composite materials that typically incorporate stainless steel and graphite for maximum longevity.

Along with these differences in type, gaskets also are available in a range of materials:

  • Metal gaskets are useful in valves made of materials harder than the metal used to construct the gasket. They are generally more durable than rubber, plastic or silicone gaskets.
  • Rubber and plastic gaskets are often used to create watertight seals for valves carrying gases or liquids.
  • Silicone gaskets offer superior resistance to low and high temperatures. These gasket options are available in sponge and foam varieties and are often used in electronics components.
  • Combinations of metal, rubber, plastic and silicone are also used to create the most practical gasket solutions for valves and other components in the industrial environment.

Valve modification processes may require adjustments to the type of gasket used to create a solid seal. In general, a valve remanufacturing and repair company can help you move in the right direction when choosing or replacing a gasket for your industrial valves.

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