The History of Pressure Seal Valves

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Houston Industrial Valve RepairPressure seal valves are used in a wide range of industrial environments. These control valves have a valve body and pressure seal gasket that compresses to create a tight seal. The high pressure and changing temperatures of normal operations can take a toll on the gasket over time. Working with a company that provides control valve repair services is a practical way to deal with routine maintenance and replacement of control and pressure seal valves.

The History of Pressure Seal Valves

Pressure seal valves were developed as a response to the demands of the steam power industry. These valves offered protection against increases in pressure and changes in temperature caused by the steam power process. As the average operating temperature for these processes increased, the standard brass and cast-iron valves were replaced by steel. Pressure seal valves were made with reduced weight, which made them much more useful and practical for use on steam ships.

Ramping Up for the War Effort

In the 1930s and 1940s, new designs for the traditional pressure seal valve were proposed. Global inventors proposed alterations that would make control valve repair easier and reduce the risk of system failure. After World War II, German researchers and scientists came to the US to provide their expertise to manufacturers in this country. This allowed significant advances in the designs for pressure seal valves in oil and gas refineries and other industrial applications.

Types of Pressure Seal Gaskets

Brass, stainless and carbon steel and aluminum have been used for pressure seal gaskets. But flexible graphite gaskets are preferred because of their outstanding resilience. Companies that provide oil and gas valve repair services may recommend graphite to replace older metal gaskets. These newer gaskets can perform much more effectively and may require fewer replacements than previous metal-based gasket designs.

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